Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Holidays

On Chrismas i went to Port Fariy for camp. i went with my parents, little brother and these people that i have no idea who they are.
The first day there i was lost because i didn't know what to do, but i got to know this group of girls. i got too know Linh well. That night the girls got drunk and i went tipsy. We stayed up till late and then went to bed.

The next morning was nothing, so i didn't do anything. The following day my parents, little and i head off home first.

Most of the holidays i did nothing much. I did went to St Albans festival and the movies.
I guess that's it.

On New Years i got drunk at home. My big brother was making a BBQ. His friends came over. They gamble, eat and mucked around. They guys got drunk.

The highlight of the holidays was going to St Albans festival because i meet up with friends and such. Another one was getting drunk on New Years.

This year in yr 9, i want to try and do good by getting my doing my assignments and homework. Also handing them in on time.

About the FLC in KDC.. there's nothing wrong with it. i like it because it's cool in there and there is a lot of space. What they should put in the FLC is couches and such, so only the yr 9s can go in there and hang around at recess or lunch time.

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